And I was running…

new shoesGuess who got to break in their new run shoes at training this morning? This Girl!!

My tri coach is doing off season training, one sport each month. January is Run Month, thank you God! Just in time for me to finish therapy and work on my form.

Today we met up at 10 Mile Linear Park for easy running and drills. Most of the other girls were at the Tour de Cape 5K so it was just me and the coaches. I felt like crap afterward physically and mentally due to the realization that I am out of shape. But it also felt great to be back. My form is completely different than it was before but I would like to think it is for the better. And the session was a great reminder of all the drills I should be doing and how it helps the strength training I’ve been building into my regular routine. I know I won’t be back to 8 miles anytime soon but if I can be faster at 3, I’m good.

Here’s to getting out in the fresh air.


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