Ugh. It is that time of year.

The time where your office, the grocery store, and any other public or semi-public place becomes a petri dish. Where we take more vitamins and supplements than actually necessary in a feeble attempt to ward of the nastiness that is cold and flu season.

I went so far as to send my assistant home on the day she graced my wall with lung tissue. PEOPLE! They make sick days for a reason! Take them!

14 days after her wonderful coughing episode I found myself in the Dr’s office. Now, I am not the type to go to see the doc for every sniffle and cough. I am the type to go when I’ve felt like crap for 9 days and nothing seems to be working – vitamins, supplement, OTC medication, orange juice, water, etc. So, when I noticed my neck was stiff, swollen, and sensitive to the touch and the congestion on the left side of my face was cause swelling…well, I decided it might be time to seek professional help.

As I sat in the wonderfully cold exam room during another episode of shivering (vs the sweating I experienced earlier in the day) I became very scared as the doc starting playing “Lets ask 47 million questions” My answer was “no” to 46,999,990. The 10 yes’s that I gave…well lets just say her response was. “You are not going back to work. You are going to pharmacy to pick up a prescription that I am calling in for you. You are then to go straight home and get in bed. You are to stay there for two days. You are to call me if the swelling does not go down at all within the two days you are home.” I think my face became more white that it was and my eyes turned into the size of saucers with the fear that overwhelmed me upon hearing this statement.

Turns out, I was a-symptomatic for a massive sinus infection, an infection in my tonsils (unrelated to the sinus), and a regular run of the mill cold. I am not sure what I was more upset about, that I couldn’t go back to the office or the fact that I would again miss training.

sick day

In the end, the bed rest, lots of reading, and a weeks worth of antibiotics did the trick. Although I will not read a book of this length again while my glasses are at the office. Nor do I ever want to see another daytime TV show – for the rest of my life. Earlier this week, a week after this whole fiasco started, I went back to training.


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