Up Hill Battles


That is how I still feel after almost a month of medication.

I have been absent because I don’t have much to report. Since this stupid sinus infection will not excavate, I have been laying low.

This does not make me happy!

sick day

But I am continuing to be hopeful that the end is in sight. I got another dose of antibiotics Monday, the super kind. After being a complete and total brat to my doctor and proclaiming that I wouldn’t pay her fee for the next visit (that would have been the 4th in a month). I think she finally prescribed the heavy-duty stuff not because I have not seen improvement in the last month but because she didn’t want to come face to face with what my love ones have lovingly nick named “The Jersey” ever again.

So, I continue to look forward to a healthier time while leaving a nice but imprint on my couch with the pup staring longingly out the window in anticipation of our next run.

bella waitin'


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