Team PhysioFit

March is almost here!! That means the first session of Triathlon training with Team PhysioFit is starting!!

This makes me so happy I want to jump up and down and shout!

I started my triathlon journey a year ago this exact week after stumbling across a flier on the website for the City Pool. My HB was going to do a local tri in June as part of a relay team and I thought it would be fun if we could train together. First step was finding a pool to train at. Next step was HB and his buds dropping out of the race. Third was deciding I still wanted to race but finding help getting across the finish line – literally and figuratively. Final Solution: Team PhysioFit.


PhysioFit Coaching is a local women owned business that does private coaching, offers a women’s only triathlon team, and is USAT certified. The team trains together, this session for 12 weeks, and competes in local races together. I remember e-mailing Coach Jen to tell her I was in and how nervous I was driving to the first swim practice, I hadn’t been in a pool to swim “for real” in forever! Then Coach Pat showed up with “the” whistle and the laughter, carrying on, and camaraderie started. I haven’t looked back since.


The amazing ladies that make up Team Physiofit have become my endurance family. They look out for me as the “baby sista” (I was the youngest member for a while) and I scream, cheer, jump up and down, and ring the cowbell for them every chance I get. My Sistas push me to overcome barriers and Coach Jen and Pat light the way to get there. Before this journey I was afraid of my road bike and I wouldn’t dare cross the Sanibel bridge. After the journey I was riding at a steady 17-18 miles per hour and doing bridge repeats to Sanibel. I look forward to our bi-weekly training session for the activity and the catch up. Where else could I learn how to change a flat tire without being a damsel in distress?? And when it didn’t go so well the first time, my sistas were there will a pep talk and a good laugh.

IMG_0132 (3)

I have learned that the physical and mental strategy of triathlon is not for everyone. But if you’re gonna tackle such a big project you might as well do it with a great group of people! If you are in the Fort Myers Area and are thinking of entering the sport of triathlon or just want to get better at it, come join us! You will look back at the end of the 12 weeks and be amazed not only by how far you’ve come but by the friends you’ve made along the way. See you at the pool March 9th!

Team physiofit flyer2013


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