It’s official, Tri Season is here!

After spending a night out and about with the HB it was an early rise Saturday morning. By 7:30 am I was at the Golfview Pool with the girls.

This makes me extremely happy!

After some time catching up about our off-season adventures, it was time to hit the water. The first few sessions are always ‘focus on form.’ That was quite alright with me. I’m finding my left leg still fatigues a bit on a few drills. My guess it the muscles are still slightly weaker. So I drills are just what I need, with strength training of course, to get things back on track. I finished early and was time to stretch out. There was just enough time for a slow and easy 2X100, gliding through the water.  It felt so good!


“And so began my love affair, with water.”


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