Ride like the Wind

Tri Season has officially started for me. In a good way and not so good way.

Saturday was Team Physiofit’s first group session at the pool. It was a great hour session with the girls. Sunday was my first ride in 4 months. More on that in a minute.

The rest of the week…well lets just say working out was not in the cards. It has been such a crazy week so far with work meetings and events I haven’t had time to dwell on this. Instead lets focus on the bike ride!

ready to bike

Big Blue Ready to Roll

Back to Sunday. The day of the #&%)!^&$ time change. The HB unit and I stayed up till too late o’clock watching a Shameless marathon. Don’t judge, you know you secretly love its gritty humour too. So by the time we crashed it was midnight – or 1 actually. This meant only 5 hours of sleep.

See, we don’t like to just leave the pup on the weekends when we train. So we get up early, play, walk, and work with her before we feed her, give her a bone and crate her while we ride. She’s still too young to be left out and about in the house. She thinks its like any other day and when we get home is super excited to see us. Then we go about the day of dog park visits, pet store shopping, farmers market attending, and other things that are pup friendly.

We arrived at the usual spot at 8. I was dressed as though the past 4 months had not passed and it wasn’t a cold Florida winter morning – cycling shorts and a short sleeve jersey. BIG mistake! It was less than 60 degrees out and windy. And oh yeah, because of the time change still dark. Thankfully our biking partner in crime hadn’t set his clock ahead. So after putting air in big blue’s tires and taking a trip around the parking lot to make sure the knee was up to par. The HB put the bikes on the bike rack and we headed to our old Starbucks to actually fuel up and warm up.

early morning

That small orange glow means its waaaaaay too early to be out on the road in March.

We reconvened back at the spot at 9, got the bikes ready, and headed out. The air temperature had only warmed up a few degrees but the sun was out so it wasn’t long before we were warm. The HB was in the front – as usual – but I kept up with his pace for over 10 minutes. After not riding for so long I consider this a victory. I rode for another 17 minutes and turned around. The legs felt fairly good but my quads were starting to scream and I was afraid to risk getting further away from the car if it started to creep into my knee. Unfortunately, the HB had dropped me at the last light before the turn around. So I was on my own on the way back. This turned out to be a good thing.

It was a bit more windy on the way back. In the back of my mind I could hear the Jodster screaming at me, “the wind is my friend, the wind makes me strong” Side Note: Last year when training for my Olympic there were plenty of windy, lonely rides. Jodster would often post this saying to my Facebook account. Or if it happened to be a group ride, she would scream it at me as she passed from the opposite side of the road (already done with the lap I was on – yes, she’s that quick).

Throughout the ride I also tried to channel Mr. K and the many, many dance lessons I had with him as a kid. I tried to make sure my shoulders aligned with my elbows and my back was flat with engaged abs. I also tried to think about my pedal, keeping my foot flat at the bottom like a pick up and relaxed and flat at the top like a Fosse number. I know I fell apart a bit towards the end. I shifted gears back forth between easy and hard more frequently than the rest of the ride but my legs were not overly excited about the effort I was putting in. Considering I hadn’t been on the bike in so long it was expected.

57 minutes and some seconds after I started I arrived back at the car. I unclipped and dismounted without falling over – another victory. I stretched and did physical therapy that night just to be on the safe side. Almost a week later I don’t have any knee pain and my muscles are still fairly loose! I can’t wait to ride again next weekend!

after bike

No my greatest photo but you get the point…


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  1. Love it Tina! Every ride you will feel stronger and more and more confident. Can’t wait to see another victory smile from you! See you in the A.M.

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