Well, I was going to post this week about last week’s adventures into Plant Based Eating. But it didn’t go as well as I wanted and I’m fighting another battle I think all endurance athletes struggle with…fatigue.

I, like many of you, hold down a full-time job. I am a project manager at a regional planning/civil engineering firm. This means I deal with a lot of things in a day, a ridiculous number of things in a week, and what feels like an infinity in a month. No hour is ever the same. My boss and his partners are wonderful people – some are even triathletes too! They never hassle me about leaving exactly at 5 to get a bike ride in. Or when I look half dead from exhaustion and we have a big client meeting.

exhausted businesswoman lying on the couch

image from reveriecoaching.com

But lately…I’ve been feeling it! In the off-season, I’ve been able to tackle some additional responsibilities. Things that are a HUGE accomplishment for me professionally. So I am not about to let go, but I must learn to juggle better.

So this week I tried to grapple with finding a schedule that worked for me while preparing for hearings, keeping up with the house, taking care of the pup, and of course being good to the HB unit. To be perfectly honest I feel like I failed miserably. Monday I did not get up to swim. Tuesday I swam and ran. Wednesday I did not get up to go to spin class. Thursday our Team practice was cancelled due to a tornado watch so I only did my Physical Therapy exercises. Friday I did not get up to strength train. So one swim, one run, one round of PT for a majority of the week. I’m supposed to be tackling all sports twice in a week….not good.

What did I do on all of these mornings you ask? SLEPT! I have learned some things about myself throughout the years. The first and most important is that if I don’t have enough sleep not only do my work outs suffer but I am “hell on wheels.” I’ve learned that by 9pm I need to be in my bedroom packing my gym bag, brushing my teeth and settling in for a 10pm bedtime or when 4:30am rolls around I smack the off button on the alarm clock. I’ve also learned that if I listen to my body, the sleep and time off won’t set me back too much because I will be that much more rested and able to tackle the next workout harder, longer, and faster…but not more than 10% from the week before! =)


How will the more than 2 off days a week set me back for race day on June 2nd? I have no idea. This is definitely a trial and error situation. I’ve never done this before. Last season I would force myself to work out at night, through the exhaustion. Which worked fine for my sprints but was not a good idea for Olympic Training. I also don’t have that option this season on nights I take care of the pup. She deserves more than being stuck in a kernel all day and watching me work out rather than chasing a frisbee or playing at the park. And as much as I love triathlon, training with my girls, I also need to be rested and healthy to meet my own personal goals.

This weekend is my grandma’s birthday so we will be doing lots of manual labor at her place fixing up the house and the landscaping. I know this will wear me out but the goal is to get in  one more run and a spin class….here’s to hoping it all works out and I get some extra sleep to help with next week’s workout schedule!


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