Something Borrowed

I am borrowing this weeks post from Lindsay S. Nixon of Happy Herbivore. Why you ask? Because her message is a very important one that I think needs to be shouted from the roof tops.

Each of us comes to our life decisions differently. Each of us grapples with life’s ups and downs differently. Each of us does it in the best way we know how at that time.

I remember vividly when I first learned this lesson. I was in college with two friends that had lost their parents. One many years ago and one just a few weeks earlier. I was grappling with something that I personally felt was very frustrating and difficult. Typically I would have gone to the friend that had very recently suffered such a devastating loss and asked for advice. I commented to my other friend that I felt as though I couldn’t  go to them because comparatively my situation was ridiculously trivial. The response I received stuck with me since that day:

“Whatever you are dealing with at the time will always be most difficult and most important to you. Whatever we are dealing with at the time will always be most difficult and most important to us. Regardless of how the situations compare to each other.”

Admittedly, that was over 10 years ago and it wasn’t until I started with Team Physiofit last year that I got to the point where I could execute on that statement. I understood it in theory. It was the practicality of the matter I struggled with. Sidenote – it may not be noticeable in the few posts I have up but I am inherently seflish…I’m working on it. Blame it on being an only child.

You may be wondering what the heck this has to do with endurance adventures. Its simple. It is very easy for those of us with experience to stand back and watch and critique those that are just starting or don’t have as much experience at a particular distance. Especially as we deal with ‘more difficult’ problems. However, it is much more difficult to recognize that all the ‘easy’ things we take for granted are ‘hard’ things for someone and encourage them to keep at it and guide them through the frustration. Triathlons, marathons, stand up paddelboarding…who cares the activity…the next time someone talks about their recent achievement – encourage them! Support them to keep going for the next milestone.

I am by no means a coach I but I will scream, dance, cow bell, smile, high-five, and whatever else is necessary to make my teammates and anyone else struggling on the course to dig a little deeper and keep going. This is all because of a few Tri SISTAS that have done the same for me…and lets not forget my ‘Sprint’ Sherpa who is the rock that I need to survive this crazy life of mine.

All those things that you may have seen wrong in the other persons form, mental state, or gear- file it away for the next training session. In the mean time think about a constructive way to help them through it. Remember, we are doing the best we can with what we have at the moment and we should all Pay it Forward.

Without further adieu….Minimalist Monday


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