Oh Motivation, where have you gone?

I have been absent. Traveling will do that. Getting poison ivy on your foot and not being able to train will also do that to you.

I’ve been home a week and have done exactly one work out session. A swim bike brick on Saturday, that was craptacular. My goggles leaked through the entire open water swim so I had to keep stopping, flipping onto my back to keep kicking, and trying to drain the water and fix the suction. I was unsuccessful. I still managed to hold on to third out of the team but I like my usual location of one or two. Yes, I’m a sore loser when I’m grumpy.  I am currently taking suggestions on the best type of goggles for Florida open water. The ride was much better except it was a new route for me. I really wanted to go all out, since I hadn’t worked out all week. But was fearful I would get lost so I stayed with the group at about 16. and then of course on the way back I ran it out when I could. I have lost all my endurance for “hills” but it felt awesome to be with the faster girls on the team for a change. I am trying to focus on this feeling instead of the swim. Obviously I’m finding it difficult.


Since then…well my motivation has been at absolute zero. I had finally found some motivation before we left for our long weekend and now….nothing! I am trying to have my previous mental state of “it will be ok.” But the reality is, my first tri is only 5 weeks away and my running is not exactly where I had hoped it would be. I am in desperate need a plan…good thing I just happen to be a planner.

First things, first. Go to bed at an appropriate hour. For a 4:30am wake up call this mean being vertical against the cool side of a pillow by 9:30.

Second, get the fridge stocked. This is half way done. I stocked up on veggies and have food frozen for just this “stressed out with no time” occasion. But the second part – preparing breakfast and lunch the night before has to happen.

Third, stop hitting the snooze button. I have set the alarm Monday and today. But the body did not want to drag itself out of bed. Or I should say, my mind did not want to drag my body out bed.

Fourth, make a work out date. I have work out dates with the team every Thursday and Saturday. They are extremely helpful in keeping me on track. What I really need is one more strictly geared toward strength training. I have a tendency to slack without it.

Fifth, have faith that it will be alright. I think I will be able to do this better once I get the other four down.

My goal is to execute all of these today. Four will be on my own but I have DVDs to work out to, I just have to push play. Fingers crossed I can get myself back on track and with the HB’s birthday part this weekend, it doesn’t unravel


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