Confessions & a Plant Strong Update

We are officially 10 days into our 28 day plant strong challenge so I thought a recap was in order.

First I have a few confessions.

1. I have no photos. Apparently I inhale my food and don’t consider that you all might like to see what I’ve been in eating. I will try to do better.

2. I am not perfect. Wednesday Evening I had a professional event with a fixed menu. I did ask for the vegetarian option and I did scrap off the cheese. But by the negative reaction my stomach had later night – I don’t think I was able to scrap off all the cheese and/or there was a substantial quantity of garlic in the food.

3. I don’t miss too much…yet.

m not going to lie, the past week and a half has not been easy but we have found a way to make it work. May 1 through the 3rd started out fabulously, breakfast was oatmeal with applesauce, bananas, strawberries and flax seed – the HB and I fought over that one. Then came lunch and I had impromptu outings with the partners and clients. Thankfully each place we went I was able to navigate the menu relatively easily and the chef’s were accommodating. The part I am/was struggling with is eating out isn’t exactly part of the official Engine 2 28 day challenge. It frustrates me that I’m not sticking to the “rules” but we have to play the hand we are dealt right? The reality of the situation is, as the Director of a department I am not going to look at the partners and a high level client and turn down a meeting. I wouldn’t turn it down at 2:30pm, why would I turn it down at noon? So, as I sat in the restaurants (luckily one is owned by a local triathlete who is also the chef) I navigated the menu working to find the best fresh option with minimal modification. I was successful all three days! The HB and I really don’t eat dinner, we are often training, taking the dog to training, or working late. So that wasn’t a worry.

The weekend came and all we went well. We even celebrated Cinco de Mayo with friends – Veggie Fajitas rock! This week went much better. I only had one lunch meeting and one dinner event. My morning meeting this morning I didn’t even go near the food table for fear of cracking (I had a hella bike workout last night that I am still emotional over)

The best meals of the week, May 1st breakfast – Opulent Oatmeal May 1st lunch – Pumpkin Chilli and May 5th lunch – black bean and salsa soup. The ‘soup’ really isn’t soup. I have ended up using as a filler in salad, with rice, on top of sweet potatoes. Its been a life saver this week.

The worst of the week – all meals that I botched the recipe on: Mushroom and creamy barley and sweet potato and black been tacos. These I did not have the appropriate ingredients and/or could not find the recipe. Lesson learned. I am not at the point where I can concoct plant strong recipes yet!

This weekend I am off to visit the family is Welli for mother’s day. Wish me luck…they aren’t exactly supportive.


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