Goal Adjustment

I had a bit of a realization last week. The Naples Fitness Triathlon was about 3 weeks away and I had to take the last two weeks of training off. This was not good!

I got the stitches from the biopsy removed Thursday, everything looked great so I went home, changed, slathered on the sunscreen, and headed to team training. I was the only one who showed up. So I got a nice little one on one with the coaches for the scheduled tempo ride. At first I thought, Awesome! Then as I started the 5th and last tempo I thought I might throw up!

Now that the workout is almost a week old and I have some perspective, I am grateful for the one on one. Jen and Pat were behind me the whole time, reminding me that breakthroughs happen right before we fall apart – which is why we don’t fall apart. And I was going to make my goal for TriRock this year. I know I need to be doing more of these kinds of work outs and I will be working on that during the 20 week build up to November 10th.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t feel like dog poo when I got in my car to go home. I scrapped my plans to go grocery shopping and instead enjoyed a shower and ice-cold beer with HB who was there with much needed physical and mental support.

The next morning I got up and went for a run. I didn’t expect much from the run. Given the time off and the fact that before this I was only running 2.5 miles without a break, I knew it would be ugly. My knee did not disappoint. About a mile in the new rubber band feeling came back and I did a run/walk for the entire mile home.

Saturday’s team swim was decent. My lung capacity was a bit low but I was able to muscle through the whole workout. If there is one thing I can count on after time off, it’s the swim to kick my tail and my ego back into the game. At least I have one sport I’m decent at.

Sunday I was back on the bike, this time in Welli. I had to take a winding route to get the full-time in on the bike. Typically this would have been fine, I would have gotten quiet roads with good scenery. This weekend, it meant I only got a short break from the wind. At first I didn’t realize what was happening. I knew I was in a cross wind and then as I turned onto 441 and I was in a full headwind but as I winded my way through the equestrian neighborhoods, I lost my bearings. All of sudden about half way into the ride, I had that euphoric feeling – the one from when you were a kid running down hill at full speed with our arms spread wide. I realized I was humming along a bit faster than usual and the strain in my legs was subsiding. As I took stock in where I was and saw the middle school I realized why, the wind was at my  back. Damn it!!! was all I could manage to mutter. As I rounded the corner the cross wind came back and as I continued past the middle school, I ended up in a full on head wind – again. I fought my entire way back to the house. When I hit Wellington Trace I started shifting to find the right gear to keep my cadence up rather than trying to power through. After an hour on the bike and fighting the wind for at least 50 minutes of the ride, my legs had nothing left. My form was going to hell, I looked like a crumpled heap over the aero bars. I sat up and just focused on the rhythm. I never did find it but 10 minutes later I was back at my parents garage, cleaning off my bike.

crumpled heap

The crumpled heap…how I felt after all my workouts last week.

 As I was standing there with sweat dripping off my nose, trying to get my legs to stop shaking.  I realized it was time for a goal adjustment. Previously, my goals were to run the entire 5K at Naples and finish the race faster than last year. Today, my goal is to enjoy the race. Naples is a great location, the course is beautiful and quiet and I’m just going to soak it all in. Whatever happens, happens. Someone please remind me of this on race day when I’m bitching!


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