Training and a Practice Tri

Well, sort of

Last week was a good week for training. I did miss my swim sesh but I’ve learned if there is one thing I can skip, its swimming. I made all of my other work outs and all of them went better than last week.

Saturday was a mini practice run of the Naples Fitness Challenge. The race is backward from a regular tri – which I LOVE!

naples fitness tri

We started with a 15 minute out and back run. I decided to try to push it to see how well my knee would hold up. I did ok, it started to tweak a bit as I rounded the corner back to ‘transition’ but its hasn’t ached since so I don’t think I did any damage. I know that I will come out of the gate a bit faster than usual but if I remind myself to settle in by the first turn, I should be good to run at least 2.5 miles.

The Team was going to race the entire bike course so after practicing transition a few times we were off on the bikes. Well, sort of. We missed the first turn so the ride was a bit short. We also stayed in a pace line at 16 mph for the beginning of the ride. Until, like the whiny child I can be, I asked Coach if DLevy and I could go up ahead. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hang with her the entire time. But I wanted the challenge of the chase. In a minute I was flying, it felt awesome! Those tempo rides were paying off and I couldn’t be happier. I struggled a bit to climb the bridge back to the mainland but I also started at the bottom from a dead stop – DLevy missed the turn and I didn’t want to leave her. Even after the run and pushing it on the bike my knee didn’t feel bad. There was some soreness in my quad but no pain and no “rubber band” feeling. Between the speed on the bike and the good feeling of my knee I was on cloud 9.

Next up was the swim. I was so excited for this part!! I hadn’t been in the open water in a while and the ocean was like glass that day. Sighting was a bit of a challenge without buoys but once the high rises came into sight, it was a bit easier. I flew through the swim, coming in second to DLevy and feeling very happy with my progress after having two weeks off.

Naples beach

The water couldn’t be more still.

I am still keeping my goals adjusted for the Naples race due to the run and my knee. But I am feeling better that my time won’t be too far off from last year. I have a few double training sessions this week to make up for a wedding I will be at out of town over the weekend. We’ll see how that goes…


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