Gear Review: Aqua Sphere Kayenne

I got a package from Amazon!!! My new goggles came in the mail!! So flippin’ excited!!! I also picked up a training book to hopefully help me get to TriRock injury free – that update will be a later post. I’m still getting the hang of this photo thing – no judging.

amazon purchases

I knew it was time for new goggles when….I came in third at my first OWS of the season. I was so angry! Not because I am a sore loser – Julie had been working her tail off in the pool and looked amazing that morning! I was angry because I had stop every 6 strokes to dump water out of my goggles.

I knew my goggles were on the way out, they had been leaking a bit in the pool and wouldn’t suction right unless I contorted my face and pushed on them – a la Michael Phelps. I looked ridiculous doing this and some of the time they still leaked. So I started the search for a new pair of goggles.

I debated whether to just get a replacement pair of my speedo vanquishers. But I wanted something with a wider field of vision for open water swims. So I started asking around and learned what I already knew – everyone has an opinion on the best kind of goggle. Of course none of those opinions are the same.


So I did what any planner would do – I googled it. I finally settled on the Aqua Sphere Kayenne for ladies. What did it for me was the low profile but large lens and the quick fit buckle. One of my first world girl problems is I find I have to adjust the strap of my goggles based on the time period between hair cuts – this can be every few weeks as it grows like a weed! With my speedos this could be a five minute task as the pieces were so #^*()!@% small! I was a bit torn between the clear and the blue lenses. In the end I opted for the blue lens to provide some ‘protection’ from the sun during early morning open water swims. I live on the west coast of Florida so anytime I go for an OWS sighting as I make my way back to shore can be blinding! These goggles won’t eliminate that problem but its better than the clear. I also opted for the ladies fit because I found in all of my sunglass and ski goggle purchases I need the ladies or in the case of my Oakleys Ladies Asian fit – apparently I have a small face.

I took them out for a test pool swim Tuesday. It was wonderfull!! I didn’t have to stop and adjust  them. My eyelashes didn’t smack the lens as I blinked. Adjustments to the strap were easy peezy with the quick release buckle. I LOVE THEM! They were a bit more expensive than simply replacing my speedos but totally worth it. The packaging they come in also serves as a case so I don’t need to worry about protection. I simply wash them off with clean water, dry them, put them back in the case, and throw them back in my gym bag.

kayenne and case

I cannot wait to try them out at Naples!!


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