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I’ve noticed some of you clicking the follow button…YAY! Thank you for finding my corner of the internets interesting enough to keep coming back! I thought it might be time that I let you know a little bit more about me. Thanks to Molto Vivace for the tag.

me and the HB

Me and the HB on a recent trip to the Dali

A. Attached or Single? Married almost 4 years. The ‘rents call him “The Attachment” Good thing they call me “Mooch”

B. Best Friend? That’s a tough one. I have few very close friends, I can’t just pick one as a best.

C. Cake or pie? Is ice cream an option? If not, I’ll choose cake every time.

D. Day of choice? Lazy Sunday Mornings with a newspaper, coffee, and the pup on the patio. Pure Bliss.

E. Essential Item? I’m a technology geek, my iPhone and iPod. Yes I still have and use a 80GB iPod.

F. Favorite color? Blue. All shades but especially that lovely aqua of the ocean at Jupiter Beach.

G. Gummy bears or worms? Bears if I have to pick but I really like peach rings if we’re being honest.

H. Home town? Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey

I. Favorite Indulgence? Filet Mignon with Mollydooker Blue Eyed Boy

J. January or July? I live in Florida – January. Despite the fact that the average age of the population increases by 20 years.

K. Kids? Not for me. I have a fur baby instead.

sleeping bella

Just like a kid, only still when she sleeps.

L. Life isn’t complete without? My family and travel

M. Marriage date? October 2, 2009. Looking forward to 4 years and finally planning our honeymoon.

N. Number of brothers/sisters? I’m a singleton – in case you haven’t already guessed =)

O. Oranges or Apples? Apples. with peanut butter.

P. Phobias? Hhhhm. Also a tough one. Is there a professional term for being afraid to fail?

Q. Quotes? I have many. The few that have stuck with me over the years are below. The one that is currently my mantra: She believed she could so she did.

“Here you can be anything. I think that scares you.” Jimmy Eat World.

“Remember why you came and why your alive. Experience the warmth before you go.” Incubus

R. Reasons to smile? What reason isn’t? I am lucky, I have a job that I enjoy, an amazing and supportive husband and family, a fabulous fur baby, and the world to conquer. Sometimes we just have to remember not to drown in the little things.

S. Season of choice? The fall in northwest New Jersey when the leaves are orange and red and yellow. I miss being able to run and jump into a pile of fresh raked leaves.

T. Tag 5 People  I’m one short but these are the blogs I check on a daily basis. Thanks to each of you for the inspiration to get back out on the pavement and in the water. Andrea @ Go Speedie Go, Erin @ sweet sweat, Joy @ Joy in the Day, Chad @ Tri Fatherhood

U. Unknown fact about me? How about 2? My first love is Marine Biology. I lived in Australia completely on my own for 6 months just after graduation.

Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock in the rain – a once in a lifetime event

V. Vegetable? Roasted butternut squash

W. Worst habit? I let my negative emotions get the better of me and the tone in my voice is not a good one. I will always be working on “taking a breath” and not killing the messenger.

X. Xray or Ultrasound? Neither, both mean I’m broken….again/still.

Y. Your favorite food?  Ice cream, specifically chocolate chip mint. Pizza is a close second.

Z. Zodiac sign? Libra


Week 1 redo

The HB and I took a much-needed break and headed to Key West for the 4th of July Holiday. There was lots of walking, cruise biking, some swimming, and general debauchery. YES! I said swimming and biking! The bandage from my surgery finally decided to let go!! Hallelujah!! The incision actually doesn’t look that bad and now I don’t have to feel guilty about ignoring the Dr’s advice and getting in the pool.

sea plane

Getting to the Dry Tortugas

So, last week was supposed to be a trial training week for the HB and I. The plan was to ease back into working out. I was to do Pilates/Physical Therapy every day with a possible swim 1 day just to be in the water. The HB was to swim, bike, run, once this week.

That plan went completely down the drain. I didn’t do any Pilates/PT last week, EPIC FAIL! The HB worked late instead of working out, another EPIC FAIL! I can’t defend him but in my defense, I have the nasty summer cold that my HB and office mates had last week. So I opted to sleep, drink tea, and cook plant strong instead of participating in any kind of work out. The parents and some of our family friends from Jersey also decided to pay me a surprise visit last week. There was waaaay too much eating and walking the beach/river this weekend. I spent Sunday in front of my work laptop with frozen peas on my incision again. Apparently I can over do it and cause swelling still…..

So, this week I decided would be a redo of last week. It is already going better. Sunday I got in a full PT/Pilates session – my lower back and hips thanked me immediately! And!! Are you ready for it??? I got to swim Monday!!! WOOT WOOT!


I got up early and headed down to LA Fitness for a little swim session. I forgot how much I loved the smell of chlorine in the morning! I didn’t do much of a work out, just a series of drills and a few laps to get my arms and legs moving. Nothing fast or high intensity but it felt fabulous! I love being weightless in the water, its like running, I can solve problems, write papers, organize to do lists. By the time I got to the office my productivity was already up for the day!

The Game is Back On!!

Prolonged Silence

You should make amends with you if only for better health. ~Incubus

I found this quote awhile ago. I didn’t realize how long ago it had really been until I looked up the discography – 14 years. Crap, I’m old. When Incubus released Make Yourself in 1999 I was gearing up to graduate high school. It wasn’t until I was freshman in college a year later than I heard the album cover to cover, A great friend and inspirational person in my life introduced to me to what is now one of my favorite bands. It didn’t take many listens for me to want my own copy or much longer for this song in particular to resonate with me. Many years before this I struggled with self-perception and self-worth and when I let myself get ‘lost’ it is still a struggle and a story for another post. Yet, through the past 14 years and quite a few before that the advice/mantra that has stuck with me was to just be yourself. Sometimes, to do that you have make amends.

And that folks is where I find myself today, making amends with the current situation. I had to take the last 4 weeks off due to the surgery that was necessary to remove my birthmark. Most of those 4 weeks have been pretty damn low. It started with the doctor telling me the initial 2 weeks off would have to be lengthened to 6 – that wasn’t exactly in my training plan or what they told me when I made the appointment. Things just continued to move downward as time passed and I learned I wasn’t as mobile or flexible or ready for activity as I thought I should be. As I reflect and realize I need to make amends and adjust expectations, I am looking toward my fitness.

While training for the Olympic Distance at TriRock was supposed to be my next step, at this point I am simply looking to get moving again. I’ve started writing down the small triumphs, like 2 sets of 14 heel raises before I start feeling soreness around the incision point. Or walking the pup for 1 mile instead of a 1/2 before feeling swelling in my ankle. In truth, I’m really down about being at this place – I thought I had left it behind when I was ‘done’ with physical therapy in December. But when you fall, you have to get back up again.

Will I still attempt the Olympic at TriRock? Maybe. I’ve decided not to think about it. When I can start walking more than a mile without swelling or playing Frisbee with the pup without needing a bag of frozen peas afterward, well then I’ll go for a run. And we’ll go with a training plan and goals from there. In the meantime, I will focus on the little things and remind myself to find joy in slowing down. I forgot how beautiful the sunsets could be and how much more I can enjoy them while walking the pup vs running through it to get that last mile in.


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