All Systems Go

Guess who got cleared to go running??

running with bells

This Girl! She can’t go without me so it was a win win.

I saw Coach Pat last week for another PT sesh. She said my lower back is looking good and my core stability is getting better. Although she did look at me sideways when she realized how tight I was…guess we’ll have to work on stretching more often. So after some stretching of my hip flexors (ouch! ) it was off to the treadmill!

First it was walking to get things warmed and feel proper alignment. Then it was steadily increasing the speed and working on form. Pretty much everything about my form is going change, which is going to take quite a bit to get used to. But I lasted a mile. In a way I feel like I’ve warped back to 2006 when I took up running with the HB. Although this time around it’s not my heart and lungs screaming for me to stop its my abs and calves. And the HB isn’t running around me in circles (literally) as I try to gain some fitness.The goal is to run/walk multiple times over the next week and meet up again next week. But in the meantime, TriRock training is in full swing!

Wednesday I went back to the pool. I didn’t have any soreness or pain from Tuesdays PT/run adventure. Woot woot! It was my first real swim sesh in 8 weeks. My arms were a bit over it by the time I was done but I got it finished. I will be doing more drills than usual over the next few weeks to get the ‘wobble’ out when I rotate right but that’s nothing unusual. Hopefully the HB will join me next week so I we can share a lane and motivate each other.

Thursday I threw the bike in the car and went for my first ride since TriRock. I figured it would be raining but the lightning started and I decided that riding wasn’t a good idea. I tried to head south as the storm moved north hoping it would improve but it didn’t. So I met the HB at home and we did some strength training together. We hadn’t worked out together in a long time since before this week – it was actually kinda nice.

Friday was more running, well technically run/walking but I’ll take what I can get. I couldn’t get the pup to go with me, she wanted to say and sleep with the HB. So, I had to head out on my own. I went down my usual route, it was fantastic. Not too humid yet with a slight breeze down by the river. I didn’t realize how much I missed early morning runs. And I didn’t have any knee pain either!! I’m pretty sure I’m running a bit faster as well but I’ll have to wait to figure that one out. Right now its better for me to run without technology.

Saturday was my first CrossFit boot camp with CrossFit Thoroughbreds. I’ll admit I was majorly intimidated, anxious going into this work out. I’ve seen and know many avid crossfitters and my fitness level is nowhere near where it needs to be to keep up. But Jeremy Barnett and his group at CrossFitTB were fabulous. He made sure there was a coach on hand to help with all the skills/technique necessary – turns out I’ve been doing squats wrong for forever (head smack). And there were a few beginners in the crowd. After seeing the Workout of the Day (WOD) I fully expected to not be able to finish and want to puke. I surprised the hell out of myself. My partner and I finished the whole workout with a few minutes to spare. I had a blast and am looking to the next 7 sessions. So much so that I am trying to figure out how to get in an extra session each week with Jeremy and his group.

Sunday was my first ride since Naples. After boot camp Saturday I full expected to be hobbling around with a lot of leg soreness. It actually wasn’t too bad.

ready to bike

I’m sure stretching and foam rolling helped. The HB and I headed out with some friends for an hour ride. I didn’t make it the whole I hour. I cut the ride short by 15 min, my legs were trashed.  The goal for this ride was simply to get back in the saddle and go. So, goal accomplished. I have a baseline to work with and will take it from there.

Looking back at the week. I’m really happy. I got in 6 workouts, I feel like I made progress, and I’m not feeling any pain. I’m actually really excited about training again. It has been a long time since I’ve felt this giddy about working toward a goal. Things are finally falling into place!

She believed she could

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