Recovery and an Off Week

Well, last week was supposed to be a recovery week and this week I was supposed to be building. What’s that saying about the best laid plans?

Last week I did train 5 out of 7 days. Unfortunately I was rained out of both of my bike sessions. This week well, let’s just say I extended my recovery week by taking almost the whole week off. I have a plan to get things back on track over the holiday weekend. Yup, you read it right, another plan! Now I won’t make an excuse for my exhaustion and sleeping in habit for the entire week. But! I will tell you about my excuse for taking Wednesday night and Thursday morning off.


Image from PACE Lee Love That Dress webpage 

In Southwest Florida, we are lucky to have an organization known as PACE, which assists young ladies in overcoming obstacles to achieve a better future. By obstacles I don’t mean not having the latest iPhone. I mean abuse, criminal history, anger, etc. The young ladies of PACE are provided access to education, counseling, and training (at no cost!) in an environment that provides them the support they need to be successful. These ladies are transformed by PACE, I love hearing their stories every year and watching as they grow and revel in their success.

As a non-profit organization, PACE holds numerous fund-raising events throughout the year. I have participated in most of the larger events but my favorite by far is the Love That Dress Event. Started 5 years ago by my friend and fellow triathlete, Christin Collins, the event is a chance for ladies and some men across the Southwest Florida Community to come together to shop gently worn and new dresses, accessories, and a silent auction. All while partaking in camaraderie and cocktails. What more could you want?!

Each year White House Black Market brings overstock from their headquarters and the ladies go crazy for the fabulous pricing, which benefits the PACE Center for Girls. Any items left over are available at the HopeChest Resale Store and the proceeds are divided between HopeChest and PACE.

This year, as last year, I attended with my Sistas from Team Physiofit. Admittedly, I did not purchase a dress. In fact, I didn’t even shop for one. I participated in the silent auction and capital campaign fundraiser and used the event to connect with my Sistas and other friends that I had not seen in quite some time. We ended the night, shutting down the party on the dance floor. It was a fantastic evening with some of the most amazing ladies I know. Can’t wait to do it all over again next year.

the girls, love that dress

Coaches, Cassie, and Me


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