Headed West

I completely forgot about this post. Sorry loyal readers!

Many months ago the HB and I headed west, Salt Lake City to be exact. The HB – who I promise will have a formal introduction in an upcoming post – has lots and lots and lots of family there. On this particular occasion, we went to see the HBs brother Brett marry his long time girlfriend, Nikki!

Tuesday before the wedding we got up at an ungodly hour and headed to the Tampa airport to start our 6 hour journey west. We arrived to a gorgeously sunny day with no humidity! I was in love instantly, I wanted to put on my running shoes and go until my legs had nothing left. Unfortunately, I had to wait….until the next day. It was torture.


Wednesday morning finally rolled around, the HB and I were up early to enjoy the scenery. It was so early, that I was quickly reminded the desert doesn’t hold any heat. While I wished I had a light long sleeve shirt, I still loved running in the cooler weather and it was soooo much better than the nasty humidity at home. About 2 miles in, we were reintroduced to an old friend – Hills! It was a wake up call. The descents were fabulous, I was faster than ever and able to pass up the HB. Same thing on the flats. The uphill portions, well lets just say I’m glad TriRock only has one causeway along the run. I can attack it and get it over with. After about a 3 miles we decided to cut it short and get ready to go hiking.


We rallied various family members and decided to tackle a 3 mile trail in the Wasatch Mountains. We made it up the trail to Dog Lake and reveled in the warm weather and sunshine. I can easily see why our family and friends that live in mountainous states say they could never leave – despite the sunshine and beaches we tease them with constantly! We came across quite a few trail runners and I’ll admit I was insanely jealous!

Thursday morning we decided to check out the Magna Recreational Center. I was again immediately jealous. The facility was relatively new and full of great sparkly equipment. We got in a strength training workout and headed back to the house to ‘clean up’ for another day of hiking. This time we went to the Unitas Mountains. The area is a valley so the water gathers in a large pool along certain points. It was another great day for hiking, bird watching, and spending time with family.


By Friday our legs needed a break so we took a day off and enjoyed the wedding festivities. Which of course included lots of running around before the ceremony and lots of dancing afterward.

Brett Decorating the Cake

The Groom Decorating the Cake… you’ll see why this is so fitting in a bit!



I have a Sister!

Sunday my legs weren’t up for more running but they were up for walking and hiking – go figure. The HBs brothers, Brett and Brian build 4x4s from older trucks that then bring to Moab and other great desert camping locations to climb obstacles, camp, etc. We don’t often get to go to Moab or the other locations with them so they agreed to gather up the truck and head out to the old section of Kennicot Mine and ride around. It was fabulous. We sped up rocky trails, climbed obstacles, took a ton of trash the dress photos with Nikki, and checked out old mine shafts. I had so much fun. We had only been once before – in the snow – so it was nice to be able to go in the good weather and take in more of the surroundings.


Ready to Roll Out


Bouncin’ around the trails!

At that point our trip was almost over. The remaining days were spent relaxing and visiting family across the valley before we had to return to humid reality. We enjoyed the extra family time and are already planning our next trip. Fingers crossed it will include camping in Moab!



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