New Beginings

I’ve been pretty silent in this space for the past few months. If you’ve stuck it and are still reading – thank you. I did not forget about you few faithful readers out there, I just did not have anything I was ready to share. But I wasn’t just sitting around, see…

Back at LSU

LSU Home Game

hundreds of years old oak

500+ year old Oak in Lafayette

Tally break

Road Trip Break in Tally

The girls on Christmas morning

The Ladies of the Ekblad house celebrate Christmas at the Mayfield’s

I’ve been working to change that the past few weeks and I figure its time to stop being so quiet.

The end of 2014 found me in a place I wasn’t happy with athletically. I felt as though I was on a constant roller coaster with my running. I’d feeling better with no pain, then feel like crap, and hobble around work and the house. So, during the holidays I took some time to myself. I don’t just mean unstructured training, I mean over the course of a month I left work early, got a manicure, got a haircut and highlights, drank too much wine, ate copious amounts of meat, took photos, enjoyed downtown at night, read a whole book, and spent some time with my own thoughts more often than not.

I realized a lot of things in that time, like it doesn’t take long to lose muscle and feel ‘squishy’, I really like Shiraz for South Australia, I am not a morning person, and I really like almond milk in my coffee. None of these realizations are particularly enlightening, except one. I am always in rush.


MollyDooker is fabulous! The bottle of choice for the holidays was The Boxer.

This relates to my professional life as well as my age group life. It took me awhile, but one day over a journal page full of doodles and a cup of coffee, I realized that over the past year I never really felt ready to go back to training or to be at the start line. I often went back because my sistas encouraged me. Don’t get me wrong, I need the encouragement of these women or else I wouldn’t be where I am today. However, like most triathletes, I do have a type A personality and don’t like to be left behind. So I would push it – more than I should have. I also don’t like to say “I can’t” or I shouldn’t”

So what did I do over that cup of coffee you may ask? I decided enough was enough. I let my USAT membership lapse, I washed and packed away my swimsuit, and dismantled the trainer. I decided the only thing that was going to fix me was strength training and working on my running form – as that’s what was causing me the most frustration and pain. Once I felt strong enough and could cover 4 miles under 10 minutes a mile with no pain, I would go back to swimming and biking as well.

So, since the first of the year I’ve been focusing on running. I rejoined crossfit and found a coach that holds run form focused sessions. I finally went for my first 30 minute run in weeks. I was fortunate to be at Jacksonville Beach for a work event and took advantage of the location to run 1/2 my time on the beach and the other 1/2 along first street. It was blissful. There was no soreness or pain during or after and I was even able to wear heels without discomfort in my knee.

photo 3 (4)

roll on home

Now THAT is an OWS!

Its been difficult for me to watch as my sistas start their training for St. Anthony’s. I want very badly to join them and race the Olympic distance race. But I made this choice for me and while I won’t be chasing them in the pool I can chase them on race day with a damn loud cowbell and it will make them smile just as big.


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