Weekly Training

4 weeks down! I could not be happier that I made it through these past few weeks with no knee pain, only missing 2 workouts, an insane work schedule, conference travel and no sickness. WOOT WOOT!

WPB Sunrise

Sunrise Run


Finding the mojo to take on the Causeway

I won’t lie, its been a rough few weeks. My work schedule has been insane and of course I had a work conference in the middle of it all. But thanks to my amazing family, I was able to make it all work. So, I registered for the Paradise Coast International Distance in September!

Paradise Coast

I am looking forward to the next phase of training and seeing just how far I can go. Although, I finally got a computer with enough memory to upload my Garmin 910. Wow am I slooooow! I didn’t expect to be blown away by the data but I didn’t realize how much my cadence on the bike sucked or how I don’t run steady at all. So, in addition to crossing the finishing line September 14th, my goal is also to be a bit more steady during the ride and on the run. We’ll see how I do over the next few weeks.



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