Hard Lessons to Learn

Well, I was doing really well sticking with a training plan, getting stronger, and breaking plateaus. Then I lost my mojo.

Last week was pretty rough for me mentally. We went to St. Augustine/Jacksonville area for the 4th of July Holiday. It was a fantastic trip. I got all my workouts in, except for a run before we left and Friday morning the husband I went for a 3 miler before setting out for St. Augustine for the day. Training, Score!

St. Augustine

Happy 4th!

We drove home Sunday and did some yoga to reset from the 6+ hour drive (thank you Florida thunderstorms) and that was it for me for the week. I had a great intentions every morning. Setting the alarm the night before, packing my gym, etc but, I just couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed and get the work done. I worked a lot of late hours last week at the office, at the house, and mentally I was just done. I beat myself up about it for a while but Friday night as I sat at Point Ybel with the two loves of my life I realized it just wasn’t worth all the stress and craziness.

Point Ybel Sunday Funday

We love having a local brewery down the street!

Now if one of my wonderful business partners happens to stumble across this particular post. Let’s get one thing straight, I am still completely stunned you chose me and I do love my job. I love watching raw dirt become a neighborhood and more than anything I love watching the words I write become policy. It was just a rough week.

So, I decided enough was enough. I work out because it keeps me sane. I race triathlons because it keeps me pushing for new heights. Morning runs and swims are time for me to problem solve and get organized for the day. Saturday I did just that. I knew after a week off I needed to schedule something that didn’t feel like work – of course I headed to the pool. It was the first swim in a long time where I just swam laps. No distance in mind, no time to meet, no dehydration headache. Just me, a tiled line, and the water. I did wear my garmin and ended up covering 1500. It was fabulous. And then I went to the office…but lets not focus on that. I was going to ride Sanibel afterward but again the thunderstorms got me. Any of my Florida peeps have any suggestions on how to get bridge repeats in with this damn weather??! So frustrating!

LA Fit swim

A lil swim, swim to start the weekend.

Sunday I had scheduled a run just to see where my fitness was. Admittedly I slept through my alarm (this is becoming more typical than I would like) so I didn’t even start out until 8:15. And when that little voice inside my head after a mile said – you should be at the gym on a dreadmill – I should have listened. But I didn’t. Instead I slogged through 60 minutes of hot, humid, sweating from my eyelashes, shuffling. Yes, shuffling. It was not a run at all. I was really trying for more than 60 minutes of running but my left knee was not having it. After a week off, I found the limit. I was frustrated by it, and then I realized the limit used to be 20 minutes. It’s always hard for me to realize I can’t just pick up where I left off after taking time away from running. But instead of allowing myself to be down about it, I tried to distract myself. So the husband took me stand up paddle boarding. Core work score!! The alligators and egrets came out to play and I quickly forgot my run time.


Shade and no sidewalk. We do it right in Florida…sorta.

The on again off again has carried over a bit into this week but not as terrible. I managed to get in my schedule swim and strength training while I had to cancel my ride due to the weather. I’m really starting to hate the rain! I’ve also managed to reflect on a few things:

1. There really are no emergencies in land use planning. Sometimes I just need to take a deep breath and think back to volunteering in the Emergency Room and realize nothing in my professional life will ever be like that.

2. My time is what I chose to make of it. I can spend it stressing out and eating crap or use the stress to fuel the workout.

3. Let’s not pretend we are Wonder Woman while training. The body still has its limits. But! I am stronger than I was and weaker than I will be.

4. Thank you TriMarni for somehow knowing exactly what I need to see Monday morning (below) to get the week moving in the right direction.



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