The Opener

Hello Friends!

I hope 2017 finds you well. Life has been full of a lot of change. Some of it intentional and some of it is just holding on for roller coaster we call life. I went silent on this space purposefully. I wasn’t ready to put my goals and potential failures “out there” but I found a new perspective along the way.

I started the 2017 Tri season with the St. Anthony’s Olympic Distance at the end of April. It came and went and I don’t want to dwell. The swim was a washing machine but I nailed it for me, the bike was windy and scary and I couldn’t get out of my own way, the run was an amazing accomplishment for me. I’ll take 2 outta 3 and happily move on.

The Crew at St. Anthony’sIMG_6155.JPG

The Huzz decided working out with me is fun again. So since January we have been hitting up the pavement running and riding together during the week and on the weekends. It has changed our relationship for the better and I it was wonderful to see him on the race course in St. Petersburg. It has also caused us to re-evaluate our professional lives. So, I took the 2 months after St. A’s off from structured tri training to work on the rest of my life. I know, I know, not the way you want to start your season but I knew something had to give. During May and June, after many months of too much screen time, I got intentional and so did the Huzz. We embraced the mantra “aimee the unicorn” and began to shed the things we didn’t need. (See this amazing Ted Talk for the backstory).

Trip to the KeysIMG_6271.JPG

Exploring The Real Florida


With a better balance – and more support to keep it that way! – I can happily say I’ve returned to more structured training. Coach and I working toward a solid Miami Man in November and after much talking, debating, and closing my eyes and jumping, I am taking on another 70.3 in May of 2018! Cheers Friends!

The first 70.3 Finish – Yes, there were tears!




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